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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
If they plan to draft over Tebow within the next few years then the only difference between getting Manning and not getting Manning is who the QB will be over that time period. Personally I'd rather take a chance with a health cleared Manning than anybody else we could plug in to the position until we get our QBOTF. It's only "not worth it" if you assume Tebow is the QBOTF. If you've been paying attention to what EFX have said and done over the last several months, and not deluding yourself as many have been, you'd be aware that he most likely isn't.
I am sorry but if we are winning with Peyton like we should be supposed to, we will not have a shot at a QB of the future. Just like we don't have a shot a QBOTF because Tebow pushed us out of the range. And Tebow could be a QBOTF...if he where to be developed. If that happens here so be it. If it happens somewhere else and he turns into something big...then shame on us.
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