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Originally Posted by NFLBRONCO View Post
Manning is upping the price he has no intention signing with us its just good business. I can't see Denver even offering him enough. I think its been fun time passer discussing it possibly
even more reason to dislike Manning.

1) he's using Elway because he knew Elway would nibble at the bait.
2) he doesn't care if it causes locker room problems with the Broncos when he doesn't sign here because he doesn't give a sh*t about the Broncos since he's never been a Bronco
3) he's more than happy to drag this out publicly and thus piss in Tebow's morning coffee. there's no way Tebow can be happy with all of this.

jeez, Manning is even worse than Lebron. i wonder if ESPN will give him a 2 hour show to announce where he will sign?
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