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If you look at all the Bronco starter free agents that must be resigned, it doesn't leave a lot of cap space left:

Bunkley - $4M-$5M per year
Thomas - $2-$4M per year
Royal - $3M per year
Fells - $1.5M per year
McBean - $1-$2M per year
Colquitt - $1M - $1.5M per year

Woodyard - $2M per year (if I was him I'd go somewhere else to start for more $)
Haggan - $1M per year (if he agrees to take a pay cut)

And what to do with Dawkins? Last year he counted $9M against the cap. Could we resign him for $5M? Hope they don't sign Meriweather to big $. New England cut him for a reason.

That's about $20M gone. Right now the Broncos are at about $94M...that would puot them at about $114M...still needing an MLB.

Bring in Hawthorne at $3M per year, and sign the draftpicks...

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