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Originally Posted by Broncojef View Post
Those cutting bait and giving up on Manning also held the number one draft pick overall with the best QB prospect in years at their disposal. If we were choosing between Manning or Luck I'd be with you, but we aren't. Sure Manning is a risk but if you're going to take a risk he's the guy to do it with...I think he might have a point to prove and have a chip on the shoulder the next couple years. I think this option also gives Elway the ability to get rid of Tebow who he is uncomfortable with and revert the offense to a normal pocket passing set.
In a "Win now" league the Colts are opting to win later. The Colts are opting to gamble on Luck rather than Manning's recovery. The Colts have more faith that a rookie is better for their team than Manning and his 4 surgeries. The Colts are opting to build their championship team through the draft, we would be well served to do the same.
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