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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
They also ran short pass routes in Indy, something we didn't see much last season with Tebow or Orton. And a very good pass catching TE that the Broncos do not have. So if the Broncos are planning to change their whole offense, sure, but call me skeptical of that happening.
The short passes are more because the QB can read the defense and find the open guy and move the chains before the defense can even get set. Very rarely does Manning get fooled. Probably a reason why he wants to stay in the AFC plus not play his brother in the NFCC game but Super Bowl

Coaches changed up the offense mid stream last year. I haven't given up on Julius Thomas but if we sign Manning all the top TEs should be sitting there at #25 if the front office wants to get a few more weapons for Payaton
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