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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
So it was Tebow on the field as the Patriot offense was marching up and down the field all game long? Seems Orton had to hold the ball a lot too, so maybe the Bronco receivers need some work on how to get open quickly, which isn't going to happen just because Manning is around.
Manning makes the WR not the other way around. Orton does not make the WRs. Who is Blair White , Austin Coillie and Pierre Gason? Didn't Manning go head to head with Brady and spot him a 21-3 lead to go to the Super Bowl.

Was the Indy defense with Freeny and Mathis that much better than Elvis and Von plus Champ.

Please the offense needed to keep up with Brady plain and simple. Manning can do that.

Not saying it will be like this but it's not prosposteus to think so. Enough evidence to argue either way
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