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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
If Denver lands Manning and he is the old Peyton how does Denver compare to NE

QB toss up
RB Denver

OLine Denver (yes I believe Denver has a top 5 OLine especially with Peyton. Tebow just held the ball too long and the Oline never knew where he was and 360's into so many defenders last year)

WRs Den
Dline push
Pass rushers DEN
LBers NE
CBs Den
S (NE ?)

I'm not convinced that Denver cannot line up and play with the big boys
So it was Tebow on the field as the Patriot offense was marching up and down the field all game long? Seems Orton had to hold the ball a lot too, so maybe the Bronco receivers need some work on how to get open quickly, which isn't going to happen just because Manning is around.
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