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Tim Tebow

Fox, “Seriously, John, ya think Payton can still play?’

Elway, “Ya know, I really don’t know. We played a round of golf, and his swing sucked, but it always sucked.”

Fox, “True, it did. Have you seen him jog?”

Elway laughing, “It ****ing kills Marino. I love it.”

Xanders, “Guys, I hacked into the Colts’ medical records and downloaded all of Payton’s medical ****.”

Elway, “Jesus CHRIST, you did what?”

Xanders, “I got Payton’s medical records.”

Fox, “Brian, did it occur to you that we could get in trouble.....”

Xanders, “No worry, guys, I got all of Josh’s passwords before he could clean out his office, and I routed myself through his laptop.”

Elway and Fox look at each other. “Nice.”

Xanders, “And then I took the records down to the Rose Medical Center and had their neck surgeons look at them.”

Elway, “Jesus CHRIST!”

Xanders, “Don’t worry, Mr. Elway, I wore one of Josh’s hoodies, and I’m short.”

Elway, “Still if Goodall hears .....”

Xanders, “Mr Elway, the doctors are all Asian and barely speak English......”

Fox, “So, what’d they say? Can he play?”

Xanders, “Inconlusive ....”

Elway, “God, I hate surgeons.”

Xanders, “No, I think it was encouraging. They looked at his pre-injury x-rays and MRIs and figured he was a lawyer or accountant. They couldn’t believe he was a professional athlete.”

Fox, “I am so unsurprised.”

Xanders, “So I asked them if they’d recommend he avoid severe physical contact sports, and they said ‘absolutely.”

Elway, “****.”

Xanders, “But Mr. Elway, they said he shouldn’t have been playing a contact sport BEFORE he got injured, so they couldn’t say he was that much worse now.”

Fox, “So bottom line, we just don’t know.”

Xanders, “Yeah, I suppose his whole head could fall off.....”

Elway, “But if we got him through a training camp, we could at least name him the starter.”

Fox, “I see where you’re going, and I like it.”

Elway, “We could persuade Mr. Bowlen to trade Tim.”

Fox, “We could tell him it was best for the locker room.”

Xanders, “Look I even made a Payton fathead in a bronco uni.”

Elway, “Mr. Bowlen will like that.”

Fox, “So even if Payton’s head falls off in the first game .....”

Elway, “We’d be rid of Tim.”
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