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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
We don't know for sure...but look up any sport media outlet and you see Miami ranked as the most logical choice. Better team...higher draft picks to load up...and the second richest owner in the NFL. The have a better OL, if they get Wayne they would have a better WR corps, they could use the #6 pick to make that OL elite, the weather, we could go on and on. The downer with the is their dysfunctional FO.

I do agree Elway has a legit shot...the problem is that with all this information leaking out, his price tag will only get higher. That's when we will lose out. And it's the one point I keep saying when talking about Manning coming here. Plus we are not s SB contender. We have many holes...and if we spend HUGE on Manning we won't be able to fill those holes. And I don't like the idea of spending HUGE on a 36 year old QB with 4 neck surgeries. But if fully healthy...he is an upgrade.
Which team is better is clearly arguable. Denver has a number of classy veterans (Champ, Dawkins, McGahee) and very few problem children (Marshall); Denver also has a better coach and a better executive.
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