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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
Not at all true. The majority of this teams shortcomings are on defense and OL. A ball control offense (the complete opposite of what Manning runs) Protects the defense, and a mobile QB hides the OL woes.
Well, first downs and scoring, things the Tebow offense mostly struggled with, help the defense even more than "ball control". The best thing an offense can do is score, and I'm willing to bet a healthy Manning is going to dramatically increase the scoring. Some of you guys get way too hung up on TOP. It's about scoring!

Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
There's a 2-3 year window with Manning. If you're being "sane" you better be talking about a title in that time period.
I'm not as worried about the "window" as many seem to be. Again, we're better in that window with a healthy Manning than with Tebow. I don't think EFX believes in Tebow, so they're using Manning as the bridge between the now and the QBOTF. They see Manning as a better bridge than Tebow. With Manning we've got a better shot to do something in the short term. No guarantees, but you have to take some risks to achieve anything.
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