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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
I'm of the opinion that we won based mostly on a gimicky offense that made this team look much better than it is. Running a conventional NFL offense we were the worst team in football for the last year and a half, THE WORST. Worse than the Colts and Manning couldn't get the Colts past the Wild card round in 2010.

Manning isn't going to bridge the talent gap here, and sinking huge resources into him will not allow us to address other areas that would make building a complete team possible.

We're much better off addressing other needs, building a solid team and if Tebow flops, drafting a QB and inserting him into a better team.
I'm fully on board with the bolded part. I'm just of the opinion that Manning can similarly mask a lot of our shortcomings but in a different way. I also think Manning can help bring in some FA's. So when you factor in Manning, FA, the draft, and the improvement of some of our younger players, this team can make some dramatic improvement.
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