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Will Parks

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Wow you're ponderous. Yes, we know those things are true. But we don't know how close to 100% Manning is or can be. We just don't.
But we do know he won't be 100% of his old self. You can spin and assume all you want. That fact will not change.

You can spin it and cry about it all you want, and continue making a full blown ass out of yourself, but you being wrong and the point I'm making being right isn't going to change.
Being an ass in the eyes of a dolt is a compliment. So, thank you.

You don't know the specifics of Manning's health situation and how it's going to impact his ability to play the QB position. But you can keep pretending if you want.
I don't need to know any specifics at all to know he's not ever going to be 100%. You don't seem to grasp that.
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