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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
I thought even you would understand that the time frame is much longer with Tebow.

With Manning you have to win a Title in the next 1-2 years. This team is not there, Manning or not. There's nothing irrational in thinking that we need a longer window than Manning affords to build a title contender.
This is going to require you to actually think, but play along here. Let's say Manning comes in and plays 2-3 years. The end result is that the Broncos need to find a QBOTF. But hey, guess what?!? If Tebow doesn't work out over the next couple of years we're in pretty much exactly the same situation! Football is not only about winning but winning now. Maybe you're young or naive or both and don't understand this, but I'm telling you it's true. We have a much better chance to win something in the short term with a healthy Manning than we do with Tebow. There's just no rational argument to the contrary. Again, you're letting your love of Tebow cloud your thinking about this. If Manning can play this is close to a no-brainer, particularly for a FO that doesn't believe in Tebow (and I admit I'm assuming that this may be the case).
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