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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
With 15 years of continuity the Colts won a single Title. It would take this offense at least two years to even come close to grasping what's going on in Peyton's dangling melon. That will be right around the time that he has to retire.

Anyone thinking he's going to come to Denver and all of a sudden we're going to look like the '98 Broncos are hopelessly unrealistic. To develop the type of complexity and rhythm that has made Manning so successful takes a very long time. The kind of time that his body no longer has.
Agreed, to me, this has the looks of a Bronco organization still not really having a plan and going for any nice, shiny looking toy in the window. If the roster was in great shape, then I could see it. But there are just too many holes to fix in one offseason to realistically believe they can become true contenders and banking on a 36 year old with 4 neck surgeries to run a wide open offense with a conservative type coach?
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