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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Do you mean the Colts' failure?

And if you think, with the way they played last season, that Manning would have made them a viable team, you are hopelessly delusional. They would have been lucky to go 8-8 with him. Very lucky.
Call me hopelessly delusional then. Manning would have had them at 8-8 at the very least. Practically the same roster, and yet a decline all across the board on offense. Same bottom ranked defense Peyton is used to carrying. Yet somehow, over the course of 13 years, he ALWAYS steered these guys to the playoffs. Since '98, just 1 season under 10 wins. Somehow, this team went from 12 of 13 straight 10 win seasons and practically a unanimous pre-season prediction of a 10-6 season from experts to the worst team in the league. That's not delisional, that's just the power of Peyton. He's made so many mediocre players look plausible it's not even funny.
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