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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
Ummm, yes?

Sorry if I like winning. Sorry if I like watching one of the greatest of all time throw the ball.

You're also assuming that Tebow is a guy that will automatically make us contend for the next ten years. There's no evidence that he is, and so you're flipping the coin. I'd rather flip it with Manning.

If you asked me in 1997 if Denver winning a superbowl in back to back years would lead to what Denver has been since 1998 and would I be ok with it, I would have said yes.

Having been through that decade, I'm more hesitant to jump on it. I want Denver to be competitive long term. Not one and done.

As I said in another thread, I'd be fine with Manning here short term if it meant he mentors Tebow. Tebow gets traded and my opinion of the scenario completely changes.

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