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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Teams that don't have question marks at QB are not pursuing.
Exactly...cause they are smart about the consequences of choosing a 36 year old QB with 4 neck surgeries over their promising or great QB.

Tebow ain't a great QB, yet. But he is a raw promising one. Other than Manning, what other FA QB would you sign to start over Tebow? Elway said it, we all heard it. Tebow will get competition at the position. But he will get his chance to sink or swim in training camp.

Now, inquiring about Manning is the right thing for our FO to do, even though I don't agree with it. Is not many times when a HoF hits FA...specially when you could certainly qualify as the GOAT. If he is healthy and resembles anything similar to what the old Payton was, then you would have to be a fool to not pursue him.

The thing is...he was released for a reason. Yes, the colts will pick Luck. But if Peyton were Peyton, they could get a huge ransom for that pick and push for superbowls for the next 3 years.

That's why I don't agree with the signing. I think he could be one bad hit away from retirement. Tebow on the other hand, raw as he is, has shown glimpses of greatness. If he could be consistent and turn into a 55% passer watch out! I believe in Tebow because of what I saw last year. Because I saw a team play and respond to a leader, the way we used to with Plummer.

Tebow will get better. People in denial are just blind. Even our FO knows that. You saw the lack of support, but at the end they said they would give him his chance. If Manning doesn't come here that's what will happen. Tebow will get his chance. Will he sink or swim? That's up to him. But I BELIEVE!!!
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