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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
This is exactly why you and Elway deserve Manning....

I find it funny that Elway and the Broncos are going to suffer for many many long years because of the same kind of stubbornness that caused Elway to take so long to win a superbowl in the first place...

I think him demanding to go to another team is identical to this situation of stubbornly refusing to try to adapt to Tebow... or even consider it really.. its a smug arrogance and ignorance.. and it's going to cost him just the same IMO..

Exactly what kind of stubbornness of Elway's caused us to lose out on so many Super Bowls? Never mind the fact that he brought 3 under talented teams to the big game anyways.

You've admitted you're not even a Bronco fan. Quit talking out of your ass on Bronco history because you clearly know absolutely nothing about it.
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