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Originally Posted by Broncojef View Post
I trust Elway to do the right thing. He's a winner and will foster Championships. I'll cheer for the Broncos whether its Manning or Tebow but I think manning and a change at QB is really where Elway's heart is and it gives him sufficient cause to trade tebow and be done with the McDaniels era player that he's just never been comfortable with.
We're damned if we do damned if we don't. I would rather stick with Tebow because it shortens the cycle. We either get a good long term QB or we start the search for one all over again shortly. Manning delays the process by at least two years. Maybe three or even four. I don't see us winning a Super Bowl with Tebow in three years. The team has too many holes and needs to grow A LOT. But I don't see us winning one with Manning either. Manning could mask a lot of holes on offense but historically he's been a TERRIBLE playoff quarterback. Why should we expect that to change at age 36 (or 37 or 38 when we could realistically potentially contend) and four neck surgeries? To top it all off we'd likely have a draft pick in the high teens or low twenties thereby making our chances of getting a top QB prospect after he retires difficult at best. If Tebow fails this year we'll be in the running for Barkley or whoever else is the flavor of the month.

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