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Ok, so given nobody knows if Tebow will improve or not (despite his great work ethic), why is it shocking the Broncos would look for another QB?
Why wouldn't Tebow improve? He has dominated at every level just off raw ability without even an attempt to polish him.. why on Earth wouldn't he improve? It's not even about improving.. it's just about playing a different style.. that happens by doing it.. there are no guarantees ANY player will improve.. and ALL players have to improve coming into the NFL.. even Andrew Luck...

Besides.. how much more does Tebow need to improve? If he had the whole season the Broncos could have gotten home field advantage and beaten anyone and won the superbowl.. Tebow isn't the one that needs to improve.. it's the line and receivers and especially coaches,. They didn't even use Tebow to his optimum abilities...

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