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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post

Pros: good climate, in the AFC, Manning knows Southern Florida well

Cons: in a tough division, team not in great shape, Rookie head coach


Pros: in the AFC, in weak division, experienced head coach

Cons: bad climate, team not in great shape, offense very run oriented, would be unpopular with large segment of fans

I am not sure that Arizona is going to go after him unless they can sucker some team into taking on Kolb's contract, right now the Jets would be my favourite to pick him up, they are not afraid of reclamation projects, they have a not insignificant amount of money, they are in a big market in the AFC. The second pick would Houston, they just seem like a perfect fit and with Matt Schaubs injury they have the perfect excuse.
Actually Miami won quite a bit late in the season and have a better defense than the Broncos right now and may be one of the few teams in the history of the NFL to finish 6-10, yet still score more points than they gave up.
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