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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
Oh, look who crawled out. Maybe you have more time to do your silly negative rep crap, threatening violence and getting banned some more. Grow up or better yet, get a job so you have something else to do than act like a juvenile on internet forums so someone, anyone can take what you post even remotely seriously and can think of you as knowing something for a change.
I got banned because I exposed you for the square you were.

Amazingly after that debacle, you stopped posting ridiculous **** and toned down your racist and vile rhetoric in the WPR forum.

No child needs to be taught by a ****stain like you Barry Rimjob.
2018 Denver Broncos GM (OM Mock Draft)

Draft Picks:

Round 1: 5th overall - Quenton Nelson, G - Notre Dame
Round 2: 24th overall - Ronald Jones, RB - USC
Round 3: 74th overall - Jamarco Jones, OT - Ohio State
Round 4: 109th overall - Jeff Holland, OLB/PRS - Auburn
Round 4: 128th overall - JC Jackson, CB - Maryland
Round 5: 161st overall - Tegray Scales, LB - Indiana
Round 5: 163rd overall - Jaleel Scott, WR - New Mexico State
Round 6: 182nd overall - Durham Smythe, TE - Notre Dame
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