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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
The Colts are in a situation where they can sell suckage to their very small crowd of fans, they get to save 28 million dollars which is huge for a small market team, they pick up Luck and have effectively a 2 year mulligan to fix the rest of the team before anyone is going to complain. The only way they can screw that up is hanging onto Manning, bringing back the pressure of winning now in a weak division and delaying the development of Luck.

After the Packers dropped Favre he went to the conference championship game in his only healthy season, it made sense for the Packers do drop him but he was still capable of winning games, Manning is younger than Favre was, less erratic, has less mileage and is not as many years removed from his best performances as Favre was. Manning if healthy will be a force in this league for another at least 3 years.
If healthy. He isn't though. So much so that the Colts didn't choose to keep him over an unknown rookie QB.

The Packers were correct to get rid of Favre, and I don't say that in hindsight. The way he was jerking them around year after year, and with a 1st round QB collecting dust, it made perfect sense.

As for Manning, he has that injury baggage that you don't gamble your franchise's future on. A healthy Peyton Manning stays with the Colts, with or without that 28MM number, so it's not like he was gone either way. So I ask again, if Manning can turn the Broncos into a consistent SB threat overnight, why wouldn't the Colts keep him and ride out the rest of his career? You can't use the injury excuse, but ignore it for this team.
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