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Originally Posted by Robert's Turban View Post
there probably just as many examples of players who were cleared and were fine from them on out. citing 3, heck, even 10 players does not mean a thing if you don't have any clue about the size of the "study." It could be that 10% of players with manning's deal bounce back, or it could be 90%. but reaching into your memory and pulling out 3 name doesn't make it any more factual that manning is a risk. doctors know more than you or me. medical clearance is medical clearance.

edit: peyton manning has a similar effect to tom brady. both made their lines vastly better. why? you can't blitz them, or they'll gouge you with their intelligence and immediately hit the checkdown/guy who is open. you can't not blitz, though, or they will gouge you anyway. so you have to blitz. but they just get rid of the ball fast anyway.

manning made his team amazing. colts were tied for the best sack allowing team in 10. dropped to 17th without manning, without any vast changes in lineup. team also went from a contender to the worst.
I believe the number is zero, as in zero people have come back from 4 neck surgeries to play again. Maybe Manning is the exception.
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