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He threw for 4700 with Charlie Johnson and Ryan Diem playing tackle. Both were horrible that year. Diem was just about the worst tackle in the league.
Yeah, a 10 year starter and this guy:

While catching up on a hectic morning and early afternoon, I tripped over an e-mail from the Vikings that eventually made my jaw drop.

At first, it didnít drop. Because I assumed that the there must be another tackle named Charlie Johnson, other than the one that plays left tackle for the Colts. You know, the one who started 15 games at left tackle for the Colts last year, protecting Peyton Manningís blind side.

After donating a few page views to the billionaires at Google, it was then clear that the Vikings had swiped Johnson away from the Colts, even though the Colts had hoped to keep him.
You are to football debates as the Chiefs are to Playoff Wins.
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