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I'm not saying anything about being medically cleared to play, other than it's not meant to be a gauge of the quality of recovery. Only whether it's comparatively "safe" (if there is such a thing) to keep playing.
when a doctor medically clears a player, he is telling the team that it is safe to play. no self respecting doctor would ever allow a player to continue to play if he was at a medium to large risk of re-injury. that's part of their job in medically clearing 100% of the time, analyzing future risk.

as for the arm amputation, we're obviously dealing with the neck. he's working out and showing his stuff, and there's no evidence to indicate he won't be at the same level other than a few players who haven't made it. same goes for any injury. let the physical clearance determine everything. if the neck is healed, it will function normally.

Updating a previous item, doctors have told San Diego Chargers OG Kris Dielman (concussion) that the quality of his life will be much better if he decides to retire after sustaining a concussion in October that led to a seizure. A decision has not been made, but Dielman is leaning toward retiring.

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