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Originally Posted by Robert's Turban View Post
he's essentially arguing that because he can name "x" amount of players who have re-injured a medically cleared injury, that medical clearance shouldn't be completely trusted.

obviously i agree to an extent, but i don't agree that it happens to the amount of people that would make peyton manning not worth the risk.

after all, who are we to second guess doctors? they know more than we do, and they know the frequeny rate of re-injuries to the neck. we have nothing as fans. so for me at least, medical clearance = he's good to go.
Brady was cleared to play and he is fine. Montana broke his back and got cleared to play and took a team to the AFC championship game. Both sides could name players all day that had been cleared and produced or didn't.

This isn't a knee problem, it's a neck problem. I don't think a Dr would clear him if it wasn't safe for him to play.
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