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It was a missed block it happens and you think Shaun Ellis is going to try and kill Manning like he did Tebow nah he knows Manning would take the sack. You ever seen Manning play in the NFL? He knows when to take a sack and when to get of the ball also when to audible hes done it Indy for years. He has had a horrible OL outside Jeff Saturday they have been makeshift the last few years.
I was told Manning never gets sacked. And our O-Line got completely embarrassed that whole game. "But Manning can audible, therefore guys won't whiff on blocks"

Give me a break. O-Line play is the most important part of whether a QB gets sacked or not. And for every time you can say Tebow held the ball too long, we can find another example of Tebow maneuvering himself out of ****ty protection.
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