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Supposedly this is Tebow's response to Manning possibly coming to Denver:

"Obviously he is a great competitor one of the greatest this game has ever seen so if Mr elway and coach fox decide to bring him on our team i think it would be a great blessing to have him not only on the football field but in the locker room, it'd be a blessing to be under the tutelage of a hall of famer such as Peyton"

not sure where its from exactly got it from a diff. site said it was from an interview on TV I guess?

If its real its no shock hes a great kid he knows wassup, he knows this is a once and lifetime thing.

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Yeah, gotcha. So the atrocious blocking was really all Tebow's fault.

And that was simple play action, not a run option. Not that it even matters in that scenario. Peyton would've been roadkill.
It was a missed block it happens and you think Shaun Ellis is going to try and kill Manning like he did Tebow nah he knows Manning would take the sack. You ever seen Manning play in the NFL? He knows when to take a sack and when to get of the ball also when to audible hes done it Indy for years. He has had a horrible OL outside Jeff Saturday they have been makeshift the last few years.

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