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And for the record this:

actually DOES work. it worked when we had some guy named John Elway. it did not work when we had some guy named Jake Plummer. which one of those two is Peyton Manning most similar to?

yeah, we got lucky with TD and Rod Smith falling into us for nothing, but there are no guarantees in the NFL. but if you get a shot, you take it, because that cuts both ways. for all we know two years from now Manning could have another two rings and Tebow could be out of the league.
John Elway also took a salary of $300,000 his last year to keep the pieces in place. And he wasn't thrown in last minute with a bunch of scrubs he'd never played with before.

This idea that you can just take a great QB, plop him down anywhere and watch the rings fall from the sky is pretty crazy.

Don't know if you noticed. But the Colts didn't cut Manning because they were tired of polishing so many trophies.
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