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Good post, largely agree. But ask yourself this: are we better off this coming season with Tebow or a healthy Peyton Manning starting? Are we in a better position to attract FA's with Tebow or Manning? I think the answer to both questions is fairly obvious. Remember, the passing threat that Manning brings to the table moves some defensive players away from the line of scrimmage, and Mannings ability to read defenses and get rid of the ball quickly helps as well. Manning could probably help bring in a key skill position player or two in FA, and if we grab at least 1 O-lineman upgrade and maybe a few guys on defense between the draft and FA we'll be much improved. A guy can dream! My biggest reservation would be that if we have to move Tebow who is the QBOTF?
I don't think even Tebow fans will disagree with this post.

The problem is the last sentence. If Lombardi is right and the Broncos traded Tebow, what happens if Manning does go down injured?

You're left with nothing.
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