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Originally Posted by WhoIsJohnGalt View Post
sorry, but we won't get a starting NFL caliber player from another team by giving them our 5th round picks. if we want an elite LB or S, we will pay through the nose.

i honestly can't believe i have to explain this to you. this is not a videogame. it takes time to rebuild a bad team. we were 4-12 in 2010 in case you don't remember. we're better now, but we're far from elite.
We can draft a starting caliber player in the draft. Believe it or not teams do do that. We got two starters just last year without trading draft picks!

I can't believe I have to explain this to you. This is real life. We went from 4-12 in 10 to 8-8 in one offseason by drafting well and bringing in the right FA without even spending a ton! See we improved 4 wins in one offseason without trading away the future!!!!
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