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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
We don't have to trade picks cause of Manning. That is something you are just making up. Like I said if anything we get more draft picks because we will be trading Tebow since you guys don't think we can keep both QBs for some crazy ass reason.
so what do we give another team if we want to trade for their player? shiny beads??

we can't fill all the holes via free agency. the top free agents will have many suitors. is Manning gonna sit around and waste his final couple of years waiting for us to draft players and develop them? hell no. we'll have to make trades too. you absolutely will lose draft picks that way, especially if other GMs know you're desperate to make a trade. look what OAK gave up for a retired QB just this past year. that's put them in the hole for a good 5 years if Palmer doesn't pan out.

seriously. think about the causal effects of signing Manning before acting like ti doesn't come with any hidden costs. it comes with ALOT of hidden costs.
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