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I just love the way FOUR SURGERIES ON A NECK are blown off...each surgery reducing mobility in the upper body area. Who needs to throw! Clearly reputation wins super bowls now.

Peyton (turns to center to call signals)


Been in ONE SYSTEM his whole career, almost unheard of. Stable Colts organization with coaching staff.

On the Joe Montana stuff, I love the revisionist history. The Chief players at the time were pissed so much attention was given to Joe...that was the year they switched NarrowHead to grass so the old man could land softly. They got to the championship game with ol' Joe (of course, they made the playoffs the previous year but the media conveniently forgets this too). Last time I checked, he was knocked out at the 50 yard line. Do-de-do.

And those of you worried about a mobile qb...just imagine the fun of seeing Peyton avoid a rush! Ichabod Crane never looked so sexy.
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