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That's just absurd logic. Tebow was on his 2nd year cam 1. The definition of a rookie is Zero experience at being a professional, regardless if youre sitting the bench or playing.
I'm more interested in practical comparisons vs NFL technical definitions. Tebow played 3 games last year under a different coach. Once given a new coach, he was subsequently locked out and completely unable to work with the new coach until late in the offseason, at which point another quarterback was chosen to work with our starting offense.

Rookie as a general term can be defined as a person with little experience. MLB for instance counts you as a rookie until you have a certain number of at bats. As an example, Derek Jeter debuted for the Yankees in 1995, but won Rookie of the Year in 1996. And yet the Drunkmeister cried no tears, nor were any calls of 'shenanigans' forthcoming.
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