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Manti Teo

Originally Posted by WhoIsJohnGalt View Post
yay... the NL team with 10 WS titles wins their 11th. proof that the current system of "haves" and "have nots" works very well for the "haves"... yay.


seriously, about the only thing more ridiculous than rooting for STL to win another WS is rooting for the Yankees to win another WS.

i know that you're a fan of that team, but even you have to see that something fundamentally is wrong with MLB now. somehow we went from an era of relative parity (from the mid 60's to the mid 90's) back to a time when every world series seemed to feature either the Yankees or the Brooklyn Dodgers or the NY Giants or some combination of those teams.
Most of their WS wins came very early on. Their wins in 06 and 11 were their first since 198282. Before that it was 1967.

Also, they did it with the 11th highest payroll in baseball and $100 mil. less than the Yankees.
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