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Yeah but what they don't tell you is that a lot of the playeres hated Tiger Stadium for those very reasons. The outfield was uneven and there were dips, patches and sprinkler heads all over. The flagpole to straightaway center was in play. Pitchers loved it, sure. But from what I've heard from the Tiger great fielders, it was a very frustrating place to play.

There were also tons (TONS) of sightline issues for the fans. Dozens of places in the park where a pillar stood in between you and home plate.

I love the new stadium. It's beautiful, and makes Detroit actually look like a safe, enjoyable place to live. Tigers Stadium I remember being frightened walking in that neighborhood when I was a kid.
I can see why someone would feel this way but I think the old Tiger Stadium was a unique venue. I'm not saying it they should have carried over it's flaws (like with the dips, patches, and sprinklerheads). It also seems like every ballpark is now trying to showcase their city's skyline, which is OK, but I just think that remodeling after the old Tiger Stadium would have been better and it was one of the more unique ballparks. Now, though it's nice, it's similar to a lot of others.
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