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Originally Posted by OrangeSe7en View Post
The Tigers could do big things, especially after signing Prince. Prince and Cabrera has to be the best 3-4 in the majors.

It would have been more fun to watch this Tigers team in the old stadium. The new one's OK but they should have modeled the new one after the old one. I liked how it was enclosed, how it's CF was 430 something feet, but what I probably enjoyed most was the upper deck being over the field and seeing a RF waiting for the ball to come down to him only to have it land in the upper deck.
Yeah but what they don't tell you is that a lot of the playeres hated Tiger Stadium for those very reasons. The outfield was uneven and there were dips, patches and sprinkler heads all over. The flagpole to straightaway center was in play. Pitchers loved it, sure. But from what I've heard from the Tiger great fielders, it was a very frustrating place to play.

There were also tons (TONS) of sightline issues for the fans. Dozens of places in the park where a pillar stood in between you and home plate.

I love the new stadium. It's beautiful, and makes Detroit actually look like a safe, enjoyable place to live. Tigers Stadium I remember being frightened walking in that neighborhood when I was a kid.
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