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My 2008 UDFA class was pretty damn good:

Barber, Dominique (FS, Minnesota)-$7,500 - Philadelphia Eagles (Mediator12) former Safety Starter in HOU

Corner, Reggie (CB, Akron)-$6,500 - Philadelphia Eagles (Mediator12) Nickel CB in BUF

Foster, Eric (DE, Rutgers)-$6,500 - Philadelphia Eagles (Mediator12) Colts starter and now Backup

Garcon, Pierre (WR, Mount Union)-$21,500 - Philadelphia Eagles (Mediator12) Colts Starter

Keith, Brandon (OT, Northern Iowa)-$20,000 - Philadelphia Eagles (Mediator12) Arizona Starter

I took over in the fourth round for Dedhed and made the most of this draft. Also got Tyrell Johnson in that draft.
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