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dang, I was hoping I heard wrong on the paperback thing. Maybe I can borrow one from a friend...

Ok, 5 sounds good. I should also rephrase my pervious statement. Book 4 didnt suck, per say. It sucked in comparison to the other 3 books.

I still liked 4 and it had some good parts, but to me it dragged when it got into the politics stuff. I enjoyed the character development of all the people in the book, but after a while it didnt really seem to be moving forward, just a rinse and repeat cycle of this, then doing that, then this is the outcome. The hiring, and firing of people, and the spies here and there and how to eliminate them- while needed, seems like it developed, then developed again, and again and again. IMO- it was a bit too much. Obviously, who doesnt like the action, but I am not after only action.--I think my above post didnt really get that point across very well. I still read through the book quickly, and cant wait for 5. My goal is to be done with 5 and waiting for 6 before season 2 comes out on tv.
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