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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post

Also, I thought book 4 sucked, it was all plot and character development, which makes sense because of all the action that went down in book 3. But I have heard book 5 is like book 4, where it pretty much character development and politics type crap, with little else going on. I dont really want spoilers but for those who have read book 5. Is that about right?
Let me put it like this. The first half of Book 5 is a lot like Book 4 in that it deals with a lot of politics and several major characters whose storylines are picked up from where they left off in Book 3. The second half of Book 5 is somewhat more "action oriented" in that some of the storylines in Book 4 and the first half of 5 start to converge, but a lot of these things leave us with cliffhangers (which I won't spoil here).

Given your preferences, I'd either wait for the paperback or get the hard cover on amazon.
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