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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
I finished book four..

Is it true that book 5 dance with dragons is not in paperback yet?

Also, I thought book 4 sucked, it was all plot and character development, which makes sense because of all the action that went down in book 3. But I have heard book 5 is like book 4, where it pretty much character development and politics type crap, with little else going on. I dont really want spoilers but for those who have read book 5. Is that about right?

Is book 5 any good? I am still going to read it, but I am not going to buy a hardcover book for $35.
It is true that it's not in paperback yet.

It's also not as fast paced as book 3.... but what is? Book 5 has a lot of snoozers (most of Dany's chapters are /wrist worthy) but a lot of really cool stuff happens too. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I liked AFFC too thanks to all the Lannister character development.
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