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Originally Posted by Jameson View Post
No he didn't. He was vague in his original post, and could have and should have been talking about Turbin being "not that much bigger" than the average prospect. He was talking about turbin compared to the average pro, and i disagree with that for reasons i just spend hours defending.

that's fine. I'm not going to spend more hours of research. Most players at 222 don't have legs as thin as Turbin's. Multiple scouts and experts commented on that today. Turbin could use a good nfl workout regimen and pack on an extra 5 pounds in those hammys, just like MJD did.

You can argue that all you want, but I'd need more than just your opinion. i'd need some examples. After all, you're the one trying to disprove me.
MJD is a totally different body type. Chances are Turbine will always have skinny legs.
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