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None of the data you've listed has proven that any kind of weight gain is typical, or even that it happens. It's an assumption you've made to explain the difference in league average vs. combine average, but you haven't shown any sort of proof that would allow you to claim it a fact.
I mean, you're actually right here.... My data is presumptuous and not entirely, 100% proven... I can't prove it because i don't have the time (believe it or not) or the resources.

You know my data makes sense logically. you admitted it before. You admitted you thought these guys would probably put on 5+ pounds. (like my data indicated)

you know that it's probably right, as opposed to wrong. the data indicated that weight gain is typical in both top prospects and all prospects, since most current nfl running backs were at one point top prospects and/or drafted. obviously my data doesn't account for everything, but it accounts for the logical stuff. and it's probably right. i can't prove it, but it's probably right.

it's not a stone cold, 100% fact, but it's certainly not a stone cold 100% fallacy as you pointed out.

a fallacy indicates that my argument is unsound. it's not unsound, it's good data that is leading toward the truth. it's just not able to be completed to the extent that would make it 100% factual.

I'll bring it up again. my data indicates that players put on 5+ pounds after they are rookies, and you agreed with me a few pages back on that.

so perhaps we are both wrong.

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