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You took the average weight for the top ten prospects over the past five years and compared that to the average NFL weight. Then you determined that because the NFL weight was more than the combine average for those prospects, the prospects must have gained that weight after entering the league.

I mean, can you really not see all of the assumptions and illogical conclusions involved in stating something like that as a 'fact'?
These top 10 prospects, on average, stay in the league longer than the average NFL running back. Can we agree on that?

and can we agree that the running backs who have the most success are the higher drafted, heavier ones?

Because, if we can, then we can understand that that data was put in place in the first place to refute your claim: edit: that i agree with, but not to the extent that it covered the weight differential in our original argument

Originally Posted by Shananahan View Post
Had you even considered that perhaps the [running backs] who had success were the ones who were above the combine average, and then stuck around in the league thereby raising the average NFL RB weight?
c'mon son.

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