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The San Jose Mercury News ran a nice story on him today:

Yes he had a bad injury two years ago. But if he is around in the late 4th or 5th. He would be a great value. I saw him play against the University of Utah in his Sophomore year and on the Aggies first play from scrimmage broke off a 96 yard touchdown. Great players make great plays like that.

See that here I think:

At the time Utah was known for having fast cornerbacks...I didn't even know who Turbin was...had to find him on my program.

Here is one against Texas A.M. (only 51 yards)

Great character guy as well. We could do worse than to have guys like him on the team.
I think that as the days inch closer to the draft, the general concensus is going to be that the late 3rd would be a "fall" and a "steal" and that the 2nd will be a slight reach, but on a sleeper. ****, if someone took him in the mid second, i wouldn't be shocked. same thing happened when i called michael mitchell in the second a few years back.

No way is he around in the 4th anymore, though. There are only 2 backs of his type in this draft (More than 217-220, runs above a 4.50-4.55)

Him and Trent Richardson.

Let's keep in mind with this knee injury that he's rebounded from it and broke off his 80 yard run post injury.

He also ran a 4.5 today, as everyone knows.

So while the knee is a concern, perhaps the knee is even stronger and less susceptible to injury than it previously was... Is that how knee cartilage/bone works? I'm not very schooled in the medical sciences.
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