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For anybody that enjoys Cosell's quarterback evaluations:

"Oh, man, can Russell flick it," says NFL Network analyst Greg Cosell, who has broken down film of Russell and Quinn. "Like Elway, he has the ability to see and make downfield throws 50 yards when he's on the move.

"If you think JaMarcus Russell is one of those special quarterbacks — and in the NFL right now, there's Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Carson Palmer— you have to take him. I don't know how the Raiders have him evaluated. But I can tell you watching him on film, he wowed me."

Cosell also thinks Russell has all the tools to be great. "This kid is a special passer, and he's got a complete inventory of throws," he says. "He's got that football intuition. He throws from different platforms, doesn't always have to be perfectly set and can move within the boxing-ring space of the pocket to find the quiet area."
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