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Originally Posted by Odysseus View Post
The best time to invest in equities is when the market is scared. Fear makes millionaries just like it makes paupers. The trick is not being greedy, selfish, or short sighted. Get a reasonable profit and then walk away.

Does this have a stock ticker? How do you invest in this? Do they have a website? I don't do risky. I like to look. If I watch 100 stocks I might invest in 5 or 10 of them. I like watching sectors and taking a look at investment ideas. I am not a gambler. I don't run into burning buildings without having an exit strategy.
Mining is almost by definition considered risky, i.e., speculation.

I'm OK with that because a friend -- a very successful businessman -- spent a lot of time researching the rare earths. He has invested a heck of a lot more money $ in rare earths than I did.

I am not giving away his hard won research on the OM. However, you can easily check it out yourself - -via google. There are only a very limited number of rare earth mines/dealers/sellers on the planet. Start googling -- and then check out the individual companies.

If you discover --as you may -- that Toyota and JP Morgan have invested heavily in a particular rare earth company -- your search is over.

Good luck.

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