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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Sorry bro, Broncs are going to buttsecks their schedule causing irreparable harm to some fools. Then everyone will talk about our easy schedule and weak division when we wait for our divisional round opponent to be chosen for us.

Division sweep incoming. Our division is full of candy asses who can't handle a real running game or an opponent with any real toughness. They're simply incapable of closing the talent gap we're creating over their old (chargers), retarded (raiders), or just plan bad (chiefs) rosters.

NFC South? Powder puffs. One good offense, no good defenses. Going to be a lot of QBs crying to Papa Goodell about Miller and Doom not understanding that no means no.

AFC North? We clowned the squealers in the playoffs, we'll do it again and the same to the **** birds. The Cleve is a magical place only brought down by the real mistake by the lake, bringing the Browns back so everyone in the area has to watch a public display of sodomy every Sunday. The Bengals lost to the Denver ORTONS last year. They shouldn't even be allowed to play in the NFL next season.

Texans? Elway relegated Kubes to irrelevance as a player, he's gonna do the same as a coach. Tebow's first career win came against the Texans too, so baby Teebs already marked out the land of steers and queers as his b****es. Then when the Texans fall apart and go 6-10 Kubes gets fired, McCoy gets a job as an HC somewhere following Tebow's Pro Bowl season, and Kubes comes home as our new OC.

Brady can't handle a pass rush and we no longer have a DC too busy sucking up to the spawn of the crypt keeper to put together a competent game plan. Del Rio will have Doom and Miller putting up their best Ike impression for Tina Brady to enjoy. Giselle will join the pack of Tebow chasers after T-Brad gets crushed so hard that Satan calls him back home to stop any further embarrassment.

We could not stop Brady twice last year.. IN fact no oNE could stop him..

Texans will only get better with age..

Our division also will improve they have all been sucking at the top ten draft teat for way to long except the Chargers who loaded up with talent years agao and the only thing holding them back is a great coach..

You are so wrong in your assement and your whole post is fantasy land..
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