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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
Home games include games vs.

(13-3) Saints
(12-4) Steelers
(10-6) Texans
(8-8) Chargers
(8-8) Chokeland
(7-9) Chefs
(4-12) Browns
(4-12) Bucs

Away games include games vs.

(13-3) Patriots
(12-4) Ravens
(10-6) Falcons
(9-7) Bengals
(8-8) Chargers
(8-8) Chokeland
(7-9) Chefs
(6-10) Panthers

We will face seven playoff teams, four division winners and three wild cards, four of which are away and three at home. The only games that are not against division rivals or teams who made the playoffs are against the Panthers Bucs and Browns on the road.
The schedule is brutal and so actually getting to 8-8 on it would be a success.

But it would not leave a taste in the mouth that many here would think of as successful. 9-7 or 10-6 and another division title is now the bar. Unfortunately I don't think we can improve enough to reach it, as we still have so many holes to fill and our weakest positions are the most critical.

My bet is that we probably won't repeat the division win, but I'll be satisfied
if we get to 8-8 again and show improvement in offense and defense.
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